6 Reasons your Below the Belt matters

Does your personality matter to you? I’m sure it does! The probable reasons we know that when others see it, it matters. However, have you paid so much attention to your intimate health? Have you ever thought about your assets and how important it is for you?


Some of you might say yes because they know what purpose it plays in long run whereas; others would still be wondering how is their below their belt health essential for them.

If you are one of those, you need take a look at the reasons for which your intimate health matters.

Impressive front profile/personality


When it comes to your personality, it is not always your outfit that matters, it is how you carry yourself – top to bottom is what matters more. From the fit of the pants to the kind of men’s underwear you are wearing, everything counts down there. If you really want to make a lasting impression by stylizing your personality, your upper profile isn’t the only one that matters, below the belt matters equally.

Teasing and tantalizing your partner


One of the very obvious reasons that your lower dressing matters are you might indulge in foreplay, but what will happen if you aren’t healthy down there? The reason could be any – health issues, wrong sexy underwear style no grooming or any other, things won’t reach the climax. If you really want to tease and tempt your partner, you need to stay up-to-date with your choices of clothing and fabrics are your major concern.



Just like women find their confidence when their assets are in check without their popping out of their bras, men find the same when their apparel style does the work. No matter whether they’re men in thongs or boxer briefs, if you choose your style well in accordance to the occasion, you will be a happy person with the right choices. And, confidence will come crawling in your personality.



The word might be small, but the importance of your hygiene in your below the belt matters plays an importantly bigger role. You make grooming mistakes, we all do, but if we learn from our mistakes, that’ll be your time to get back on the track. Cleaning your bikini line (not only for the bikini underwear for men but for other styles as well), shaving, washing, moisturizing and doing everything that it takes to keep it clean have their own benefits.

Health issue

Coming down to the aspect where things go tricky because if you aren’t careful about your assets, you might regret later. Hygiene is what carries forward the health of your assets. Wearing the wrong underclothing articles, not keeping it clean, not changing your designer underwear and many other reasons can lead to health issues. Some of them include chafing, rashes, erectile dysfunction, bacterial infection and more. Be aware of these and take care of your below the belt.



Comfort is something that comes in when the whole of you is in shape. If any body part is not feeling well, comfort goes right out of the window. However, the much-affected area is your intimate area. Whether it is just a mosquito bite (this happens) or rashes or something graver, you cannot feel comfortable. You won’t be able to focus on your work or do anything because your comfort is not in check.

Keep your below the belt clean and healthy because it matters more than you think.


7 Tips and Tricks to Feel (and stay) Young

Age is not just a worrying factor for the ladies, but for the gentlemen as well. Even men are at time worried about their age. This is where the problems arises. It is not the age, but the worry of aging that is troublesome. Have you heard people saying that no matter their age, they don’t feel old at all? This is not just a saying. You can actually feel and stay young forever. Wanna know how? Check out these simple tips.

Eat revitalized food

You diet and drinking habit matters the most. The fact can’t be denied that the look matters a lot when it comes to feeling young. Having a controlled diet regime can help you have the charm that you are looking for. Just avoid eating junk food as much as possible. Along with this, quit smoking and control your drinking habits. This is one way to keep up with a good health. A healthy person will surely look and feel young.

Indulge in skin care

Indulge in skin care.jpg

This is one thing that you must have ignored all these years. However, this is high time that you start taking care of your facial skin. The first step for indulging into skin care regime to start eating healthy food, fruits and green vegetables. Use the products according to the texture of your skin. The shaving gels lead to instant dryness, so, apply an aftershave lotion. Apply a thick layer of sunscreen when you go out. The UV rays of the sun have harmful effect on the skin. So, protecting the skin should be on your mind.

Groom well

Groom well.jpg

Along with the skin care, self-grooming is equally important. This is not just about having a clean face, but it includes the bathe yourself and pull off your look. Bathe well and take care of yourself more than you usually do. Wear the right fragrance of cologne as it will redefine your personality. Avoid the grooming mistakes that you generally commit and get rid of the unwanted hair of your body.

Improve your dressing

Improve your dressing.jpg

Improve the way you dress usually. The key to look dapper is to dress your age. The very first thing is to choose the right size of the attire. Get your clothing tailored properly, so that, it fits you perfectly. It should neither be very tight nor very loose. This, in fact, is the first step to have an attractive personality. Make sure that you dress according to the event or occasion. There is no age for looking dapper. Not only the attire, carefully choose your style of men’s underwear as well. Get a pair of dress shoes and go for the things that suit you. Master the art of tuxedo, stylize your casual look and set a style statement wherever you go.

Hit the gym

Hit the gym.jpg?itok=FM2_KBfV

Getting back in shape is the best way to look and feel young. Hit the gym and start working out. An hour of sweating in the gym can effortlessly add a flair of youth to your personality. A healthy physique can give way for a healthy mind and an alluring personality ultimately. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and get indulged into strenuous activities. Moreover, studies have proved that exercise not only removes the unwanted fat, but even improves the body posture and increase metabolism.

Get involved in creative stuff

Get involved in creative stuff.jpg

Instead of sticking to the couch and watching TV, get yourself registered in some classic. Indulge into doing creative stuff and keep yourself busy. The empty mind gives rise to the negative thoughts. It is the curiosity of learning new things that can help you think positive. Age is nothing, but a number if you have the same enthusiasm and zeal for life as you used to have earlier.

Think young

Think young.jpg

It is not the age that effects your lifestyle, but the fact that you start worrying about it. The best way to stay young is to think young. Never close your doors for anything that is new and different from what have been doing usually. Add fun to your life by doing something that you have never done before. You must have been using men’s briefs all these year, try the sexy men’s thong. Explore new places, meet new people and you’ll have the enthusiasm that you had earlier.

Were these points helpful? Share your tips in the comments below.

5 Perks of Donning a Sexy Underwear

Earlier, sexy underwear choices were constrained to only women. However now, it has taken a shift to the underwear for men section as well. The designers under them come with innovative ideas that are sensuous which has the tendency to raise the temperature of the special occasions. The attires have different perks that qualify to be a part of every man’s wardrobe. Scan on the below blog to know about the benefits offered by these racy apparels.

Helps in boosting the inner confidence

Some of the men’s sexy underwear is true to its name that would not just look provocative but also give that push of confidence down there. No matter, the type of attire – Formal or casual, these pairs ensures to present the best of attitude. For instance, the Good Devil C-string will make every man feel free yet supported inside.

Good Devil C-String.jpg

Teases and tantalizes your partner

Earlier, it was the men, who have always wanted to see their partners in a skimpy attire. Now, even women expect the same from men. The Sensual underneath garments can act as a catalyst for the intimate affairs. Ill-fitted or poor looking outfits do not have the capacity. Hence, remember to dress well when you have things planned for the evening. Attires like costumes, singlets or novelties can add some naughtiness to the occasion while leaving the opposite person crazy for the night.

Teases and tantalizes your partner

Makes you look and feel sexy

Before making your partner go head over heels, it is important to get into the character first. Wearing something irrelevant to the situation is always followed by dull moments. Hence, it is important to feel sexy and fall in love with yourself before making an approach to somebody else. For instance, g-strings from Secret Male can do the job for you. They come in revealing fabrics that allow a glimpse of the naughtiness hidden behind the fabric. These can make you look and feel good about yourself.

Makes you look and feel sexy

Gives the best of luxury to your boys

The main aspect of underwear is to provide the best of comfort to your assets down there. If you’re wearing an apparel that looks erotic but not comfortable, then there is no point in donning them. Comfort depends on three main points – fabric, cut and coverage of the garment.

a) The fabric has to be soft on the skin to make you feel comfortable.

b) In case, if you are donning the attires for regular purposes then, the coverage and cuts should be considerable.

Some of the sensuous underwear is capable of providing the above-mentioned points to the male anatomy. The thongs from Cover Male incorporates fabric, cuts, and coverage which are much better than the other attires.

Cover Male Bikini Brief

Provides an enhancement

The intimate apparels have a structural pouch that provides the best of the package. It lifts the genitals up for a bigger bulge in the pants which delivers an impressive front profile. Some of Pouch enhancing thongs from Daniel Alexander does this in a professional way.

Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong Sheer Black

Above are some of the benefits of donning a racy attire. Grab your pieces from the online stores of Skiviez.com to embrace the benefits.