6 Reasons your Below the Belt matters

Does your personality matter to you? I’m sure it does! The probable reasons we know that when others see it, it matters. However, have you paid so much attention to your intimate health? Have you ever thought about your assets and how important it is for you?


Some of you might say yes because they know what purpose it plays in long run whereas; others would still be wondering how is their below their belt health essential for them.

If you are one of those, you need take a look at the reasons for which your intimate health matters.

Impressive front profile/personality


When it comes to your personality, it is not always your outfit that matters, it is how you carry yourself – top to bottom is what matters more. From the fit of the pants to the kind of men’s underwear you are wearing, everything counts down there. If you really want to make a lasting impression by stylizing your personality, your upper profile isn’t the only one that matters, below the belt matters equally.

Teasing and tantalizing your partner


One of the very obvious reasons that your lower dressing matters are you might indulge in foreplay, but what will happen if you aren’t healthy down there? The reason could be any – health issues, wrong sexy underwear style no grooming or any other, things won’t reach the climax. If you really want to tease and tempt your partner, you need to stay up-to-date with your choices of clothing and fabrics are your major concern.



Just like women find their confidence when their assets are in check without their popping out of their bras, men find the same when their apparel style does the work. No matter whether they’re men in thongs or boxer briefs, if you choose your style well in accordance to the occasion, you will be a happy person with the right choices. And, confidence will come crawling in your personality.



The word might be small, but the importance of your hygiene in your below the belt matters plays an importantly bigger role. You make grooming mistakes, we all do, but if we learn from our mistakes, that’ll be your time to get back on the track. Cleaning your bikini line (not only for the bikini underwear for men but for other styles as well), shaving, washing, moisturizing and doing everything that it takes to keep it clean have their own benefits.

Health issue

Coming down to the aspect where things go tricky because if you aren’t careful about your assets, you might regret later. Hygiene is what carries forward the health of your assets. Wearing the wrong underclothing articles, not keeping it clean, not changing your designer underwear and many other reasons can lead to health issues. Some of them include chafing, rashes, erectile dysfunction, bacterial infection and more. Be aware of these and take care of your below the belt.



Comfort is something that comes in when the whole of you is in shape. If any body part is not feeling well, comfort goes right out of the window. However, the much-affected area is your intimate area. Whether it is just a mosquito bite (this happens) or rashes or something graver, you cannot feel comfortable. You won’t be able to focus on your work or do anything because your comfort is not in check.

Keep your below the belt clean and healthy because it matters more than you think.


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