The Shopping Essentials before going for A Date

You somehow gathered all the courage and asked the girl out. It is now time for you to prepare for your first date. There is nothing as exciting, fun as a date with your dream girl. This day is important as you might end up meeting your soul mate. Hence, leaving an everlasting impact on her is essential. One of the most important factors for leaving the first impression is your dressing sense.  Don’t just let the attire ruin the chances of a second date. The article has compiled the basic essentials that you need to have in your closet before getting ready for the day.

The Shopping Essentials before going for A Date

Have a look at them in detail.

1. Shirt

Buy a collared and cotton shirt. Women love men in formal shirts. Although your personality matters a lot, the type of shirt that you are wearing can add a lot of spark to your personality. However, make sure that you dress up according to the place of your meeting. Pair a decent and elegant pair of trouser with the shirt. The colors should be contrasting and should compliment each other. When you talk about clothing, undergarment is equally important. Carefully choose the size and fabric of men’s underwear. This is important to keep you comfortable pair when you are already sweating out of nervousness.

2. Accessories

Do pair a trendy and dressy wristwatch with your attire. A nice piece of watch is one jewelry that a man can wear, no matter the occasion. This takes your style and sophistication to the next level.

3. Footwear  

Overlooking your footwear is the worst mistake committed by men. Make sure that you wear a pair of well-polished and clean shoes. Leather shoes are the best options if you are wearing formals. Wear a fresh pair of socks along with the shoes. They should be neat, clean and in good condition. Avoid wearing your sports shoes, unless you are going to any sports event. Remember, you need to look and behave like a real gentleman.

4. Men’s cologne

Groom yourself appropriately. Shave properly and apply an after-shave lotion. Run a comb through your hair. Women just hate messy hairs and untidy looks. Get a new men’s cologne, even if you already own one. Choose a perfume with soothing smell instead of a strong one.   You can go with the things that you already have in your wardrobe, but remember that it’s a special day. Your appearance can really affect your date to a large extend.   Along with the above mentioned essentials, there are certain things that you need to avoid while you are shopping. Lets us have a look at them.

5. Denim jeans and casual t-shirts

Don’t try to experiment with new trends and avoid wearing funky t-shirts and rugged jeans. Keep the entire thing simple, subtle and sleek. You wild look will upset the girl. Denims jeans are the weakness of every man. Still, you will have to avoid buying it.

6. Suit and tie

You are on your date and not on any professional convention. So, make sure that you don’t wear a suit and tie. In case, you want to wear your favorite coat, then, pair it with your v-necked t-shirt. Try to be natural and charming, instead of fake. Don’t overdress and accessorize too much. Donning men’s jewelry like bracelets and gold chains will make you look tacky. Just a classy timepiece will do the magic as mentioned above.

These tips will ensure that you dress to impress. Confidence is the key when you are dating a girl and your outfit contributes a lot to the level of your confidence. While ultimately it is your presence of mind and attitude that matters, these above tips should come handy when you are in a panic mood. So, go ahead, dress properly and charm the girl with your personality.