Feel The Heat With Daniel Alexander G-String

Daniel Alexander G-String White

Daniel Alexander being a new brand in the men’s underwear industry has coined its name among the modern men. The brand offers a sleek, sexy and very comfortable assortment of men’s g-string underwear that not only appeals to the eyes; it also catches the attention on the manhood.

The basic Daniel Alexander G-string (DA807) is subtle yet sensuous piece of clothing article that crafted with a luxurious fabric composition of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex that let you stretch a lot as well as keeps everything dry and comfortable down there.

Sexy underwear features a small V-shaped pouch that elongates according to the manhood size as well as makes the appearance of the legs more appealing. The thin elastic string waistband holds its grip on the body keeping it soft and steady below the waistline. The thread-like string is what that passes the butt crack to hide nothing. The fashion underwear is available in 11 colors from black and white to turquoise, navy, orange and many more.

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