The 5 biggest underwear mistakes to avoid

Blunders are everywhere! In every possible field and every genre, you’ll find people making all kinds of blunders that somewhere down the line affect their lives. Have you made such a mistake that you regret even today? If you just answered the question with a yes, you’re not alone my friend because there’s no one who’s spotlessly perfect.

Underwear mistakes to avoid

Men’s underwear is one such field where making mistakes is quite common. However, when you keep on repeating those mistakes, they have adverse effects on your intimate health and they need to be avoided to best of the possibilities.

How does one do that? Well, the article lays down the biggest fashion underwear mistakes which you all need to avoid to have a happy and healthy underneath.

1. Unawareness about the styles

There is no harm if you’re not aware of something if you don’t have the probable amenities but if you do, you are making a mistake by not getting updated. Whether it is your outfits or the basic essentials, stay up to date with the trends is a must. This way, you’ll be able to move past the tighty whiteys to the modern sheer briefs or the various men’s bikini brands that have been incorporated since the last few months. Being aware would help you handle your intimate issues yourself like chafing, jock itch or other personal problems.

2. Ill fit

Nothing can be more harmful to you than an ill fitted pair of underwear. It is one mistake that the majority of men make without even being aware of the same. Both- a tight pair or a loose one can be equally harmful to your underneath. While the tight fabric coverage and construction has the capability to cause your goods a lot more damage than you think with chafing or infection, the loose fit provides negligible support down there.

3. Wrong style for the occasion

Do you wear boxers with your formal trousers? Or, sport g-strings in the gym? Well, if you’ve been indulging such activities, you must stop it right there and then itself. If you’d read more about what calls for the occasion or theme, you’d be able to relate the need of the hour with your underneath apparel style. For example, any designer underwear that features body hugging fit is worth being worn to office regularly whereas; the sexy lace underwear or sheer fabric can be sported for romantic evenings.

4. Comparisons of prices

In today’s time, you’ll find the same pair of sexy underwear by the same brand at different men’s underwear online stores with different price tags. It’ll be foolishness to stick to one store without comparing the prices at least three different sites to get the best deals for the same pair. Hence, if you’ve not been active enough to compare the prices, you should start it right away.

5. Keeping them for a time span more than they allow

Don’t you keep on holding to the apparel styles that are your favorites? That’s normal because it is hard to let go of pieces that are close to our heart. However, just like every other apparel style, you should let go of your ill-fitted, distorted and torn underwear and grab newer ones to stay happy.

Once you stop making these gravest mistakes, you’re doing justice to your underneath health.


Top 5 Men’s Sexy Underwear Brand

Underwear is an essential part of the everyday life. It supports you, gives you the needed comfort and helps you in various other ways, therefore this multitasking underwear should be of a reliable brand so that the durability of the outfit is for a longer period of time. This blog talks about the top five sexy Men’s Underwear Brands available at the online stores of Skiviez. Scan on to find out the position of your brand.

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  • Good Devil

Good Devil is expressed as the sexiest label when it comes to intimate apparels. The melange of styles under them is unbelievably fascinating. The potpourri of products manufactured by them are provocative, sensual, skimpy and functional. The stockpile is constantly upgraded with regular updates.

  • Cover Male

Cover Male is yet another label that concentrates on the priority of manhood. The vibrant color combinations, exclusive enhancers, and luxurious materials are always a part of   their checklist. Cover Male ranges from basic briefs to bikinis, thongs, and g-strings. They have hit as the favorite brand for all the shoppers around.

  • Agacio

Agacio not only concentrates on luxurious fabrics but also on conventional cuts with modern techniques. The label has a best seller tag for men’s brief, boxer briefs, thongs, bikinis, jockstraps and boxer shorts. They are sophisticated, charming and appealing in terms of style and as well as comfort.

  • Miami Jock

Miami Jock is well known for the underwear innovations. They offer a popular range of playful costumes that ranges for different events. Some examples of costumes that they offer are the cowboy, firefighter and much more. They focus on the deepest desires of men through undergarments by crafting steamy pieces together.

  • Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander has definitely made its mark in the top brands. They focus on high cuts, contoured pouches and enhancing techniques with the conventional designs. Their continuous new inventions have made them popular in the list.

The above five are all time sexy brands that have won the place in everyone’s heart. Check out their products on

Turn On Your Love Drug with Sexy Underwear

 Impressing your partner is not only about the lovely talks, sometimes you also need to get naughty. Naughtiness comes with a sexy underwear that you need to don for the occasion. Selecting the right style of men’s underwear is equally an important aspect of the special night as it is concerned with your sex appeal as well. The more sexier you look, the more you can raise the temperature of your room. So, to help you in shopping the right apparel, listed below are some of the descriptions of Men’s Sexy Underwear that you can try for impressing your companion.

  • G Strings

Kyle G-string

Men’s G-strings are all about a skimpy piece of men’s underwear that features minimal support, maximized exposure and an enhanced sex appeal. Some g strings like the Kyle g-strings are made for romantic purposes. It has a string waistband that supports a cylindrical pouch, that envelopes your manhood and leaves the sides open for the show.   An additional advantage is the use of a sheer fabric in the pouch, that allows a partial visibility of your assets which are sure to make your partner crazy for the night.

  • Thongs

Edipous Thong

Thongs for men feature a pouch at the front that connects to the rear of the waistband. It provides the much-needed support and protection, leaving you completely free and exposed at the back. A good example can be the hot Edipous thongs . These are one of the sexiest pieces offered by the label that looks stunningly skimpy  With a small pouch that keeps the masculinity front and forward, the rest is left for the show. The waistband looks more like a thin string that supports the pouch to keeps the assets in place. The back has a triangular fabric that loses visibility as it extends between the butts.

  • Jockstraps

Covermale Jockstrap

This underwear style features a pouch that supports and lifts your package. Men’s Jockstraps have an anatomically correct pouch that provides gentle and natural enhancement by lifting your male anatomy . The cover male peek jockstraps, being one of them are the perfect way to raise your sex appeal by revealing your back.   An Additional feature to this is that it lets your partner peep into your masculinity with the help of the pouch opening on the top.

  • Bikinis

Covermale Bikinis

Bikinis are known for their sexiest cuts and designs that make you look and feel sexy. Some of the underwear in this category is made of appealing fabrics which can accentuate your sex appeal.

Cover male string bikini is one such apparel that can spice up your sexy intimate moments. The triangular pouch of the men’s bikini provides minimal coverage and upliftment  that helps in enriching your masculinity. A tiny fabric stretches at the back to cover the basic assets. The string waistband of the bikini keeps the pieces together and your anatomy under check.

You can try the above-mentioned styles of men’s underwear for your romantic date nights. There are a number of online stores like that offers you a wide range of varieties to choose from. So, make sure that you present the best of yourself to win your beloved’s heart.

Sport Sex Appeal with Good Devil Singlet

When the idea is to feel free without actually letting the manhood go free, the Good Devil G-String Singlet is what must be adopted. The sexy cum functional piece by the sexiest men’s underwear brand is supposedly feature some twists and turns that change the ordinary product into fashion underwear that is sexy and erotic. If you’ve never tried a singlet before, you must, for the support without having a constricted feeling down there.

Good Devil G-string Singlet Black/Blue

The Good Devil singlet underwear features ample coverage in the front with suspenders coming down to make a cradle-like pouch for the manhood. The attention-grabbing back is what is worth the watch. The single spine-covering fabric makes the men’s g-string rear of the same. In addition, a piece of fabric also forms the waistband that is attached to the front pouch. The entire sexy underwear features an outline piping for a modern appeal.

With the signature combination of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, Good Devil makes you feel absolutely stunning with the minimal fabric. The contoured pouch features a cradle-like feeling for the manhood and keeps everything together.  Check it out at

Things to Remember in Men’s Novelty Underwear

Novelty Underwear

The very first thing to understand here is that one needs to understand here is what exactly men’s novelty underwear is. Do you what it exactly means? Well, you would find an exact definition of the term and you must understand the meaning by looking at the products.

However, “Novelty Underwear is the kind of underwear style that is not meant for the regular purposes. The products in this category are the ones that are worn on occasions where pleasing the partner is a must and so is feeling confident from within”. According to the dictionary, “ it is something that intends to amuse with its new quality”.

Now, what does it take to have a pair is the next step? Wait! Just before you end up buying something that is not meant for your personality. This blog gives you a better insight of what the styles falling into this category would be able to do for you.

1. It boosts the confidence: The first thing that you’ll feel after slipping into the novelty men’s g-string or men’s bikini underwear is that you look different. Not only this, you’ll even feel amazing from within. I buy a sexy underwear style for myself every time I feel low and wearing it makes me feel really good.

2. Very tempting to look at: You might fall in the love with the cuts, designs, and construction when you see them in the men’s underwear online stores itself. The pieces look absolutely fascinating when you take a look at them. However, not everything you see is gold. Hence, you need to figure out the specifications as well.

3. Comforting (only if you buy the right pair): There’s always a condition with everything that pleases your eye. Like I mentioned in the last that checking out the specifications is a necessity. If you ignore the size chart, fabric composition, cuts, pouch option, coverage, and other features, you’ll end up regretting your decision. So, just be careful if you really want to get the most of it. 4. Makes you get what you want from your partner: What happens when your woman is in the mood and you’re not? She’ll tempt you with all the tactics of sexy lingerie and body language that’ll make you crave for her. Likewise, you can do the same for her and you won’t be happier. Did you get what I am saying?

5. Not all styles are included in this category: If you’re thinking that those loose boxers can be considered as a novelty, you’re wrong. They might be very comfortable but there are other factors apart from the comfort that the respective style talks about. So, if you’re male underwear hides everything and doesn’t reveal anything, it’s not a novelty. Open pouches, cut-out options, lots of skin show, use of strings, straps as well other accessories like rings and more; it surely counts to be the right pair.

Now you know a lot about novelty underwear and if you think that you can carry off the look without being, it is for you.

Aspects to Pick Flattering Men’s Underwear

What kind of a person are you in the bedroom? Do you like oysters, caviar and chocolates or someone who puts believes in something more realistic like a sexy pair of men’s underwear to bring things in focus? Well, if you are a girl and looking for something that ignites the passion between you and your partner behind the doors, you just have to sell your intentions by gifting him a pair of sensuous and exotic underwear like g-string underwear.

Want to know how will you buy it for him? Go and read the aspects you need to check before pressing the ‘buy’ button.

Daniel Alexander Psychedelic Classic G-String Grey

1. Fit: Whether it is cotton that you look for or leather; if it does not provide the right fit. Make sure you check and again check the size of the various pairs available with him. Look for both pairs that have extra fabric as well as the ones with minimal fabric. For example, if has jockstrap or boxer brief underwear. Their size may differ, so keep on checking.

2. Go simple on colors: If you are new to his choices, do not go for shimmery and glittery colors which have a probability that he might dislike it. Rather, go for subtle shades that will appeal to his eyes as well as keep the manhood cool in the summer months. There’s an explanation white, black, red and muted colors are the most well-liked choices for sexy underwear: they are extremely complementing and not as annoying.

3. Less is more: When it comes to male lingerie (oh yes, men also have lingerie), it is better to go for minimal styles rather than those extra loaded pieces. Sheer materials, lace and fishnet styles help develop the mystery and intrigue around your body. Showing more skin is an indication that you are comfortable in your own skin, a factor that can definitely fire up the eagerness in your spouse.

These are the things you need to keep in mind when you set out to buy him the surprise. Remember to keep his choices in mind and opt for something that you surely know he’ll appreciate. Know more about sexy underwear available at

Some Special Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear has come a long way from it’s introduction of briefs and boxers. Now, every man has his own choices when it comes to his undergarments; some want comfort when wearing one, while others like a bit of style and fashion with comfort. Men’s apparel styles have been many special types that have evolved over time in the name of fashion.

Nowadays, designers are experimenting with different types to provide the best in comfort and style and also there are different fabrics that are used to make men’s underwear.

Let us talk about some special underwear for men, which will add a huge amount of sexiness to your personality-

G-string underwear provides great comfort to the manhood of males who are determined to enjoy the same freedom and comfort with the basic clothing piece like their attitude.Many men’s enjoy wearing a g-strings style underwear, as this style of underclothing seems to offers a greater freedom.

Cover Male G String NavyMen’s boxer brief underwear is another modern men’s underwear that highlight the male body’s contours. This piece will allow you to give a define the physique without a word mentioned or revealing an inch of the skin. The respective fashion underwear are meant to highlight the very essence of a male body to compliment the wearer if it has been kept in good shape.

JOR Electro Boxer Briefs Blue-YellowThese special underwear designs can create a most unique and personalized wardrobe as it covers shirts, pants, straps and protective pouches that allow easy and comfortable movements while showcasing the manhood of the wearer. as many designs and styles of these special men’s underwear can be obtained from this website with other matching products. Skiviez also features thousands of incredible products, a large selection of mens sexy underwear and exclusive items at affordable prices.

Men’s sexy underwear- now it’s all about sexiness

If you think that women are the only one who enjoy wearing sexy underwear, think again! Yes, time has gone when people used to think, that sexy underwear are exclusively made for women. Nowadays, this is also available for men as well.

Here are some reasons that why should you wear sexy underwear :

1) You will feel incredibly sexy

2) Great for foreplay

3) Eye candy for your loved one

4) Your sex appeal will shoot through the roof

5) Enhancement

A man who look for less coverage in their underwear, following are the perfect choice that they should go for :

1. Thongs – A thong is an intimate accessory that has been around for years providing women with sexuality, that goes beyond compare. However, today there are men thongs underwear available in the stores which provide the same sense of sexiness. Also, thong is fine underwear that has a small sized band which supports the undertow.

Pikante Seduction of Hades Thongs White

2. G-Strings – G string underwear is meant to cover the front, whereas the posterior remains to be open. This is the skimpier version of men’s thong underwear. Basically, g-strings underwear have a pouch that holds the manhood and gives it a boost, whereas; there are some that just do the needful to cover the bare essentials without providing ample support. It’s made up materials like Lycra, cotton, silk and leather.

Cover Male G String Royal Blue

3. Bikinis – Bikinis Underwear are one of those sexy intimate apparel which offer the greatest exposure to the skin along with support and comfort to the privates. These are not only sensuous sexy, but are functional and dependable too. It enhances your bulge even they showcases your derriere. It’s made up of relatively materials.

Otzi Harmonious Slip Bikini Print

4. Jockstraps – Jockstrap is generally introduced for the athletes and for men’s fashion purpose. It has two bands that go under the buttocks to give them a lift whereas; the pouch is specially made for rigorous activities. Also, it adds sex appeal and it’s the reason that they are introduced for men’s fashion purpose.
The physical appearance of this underwear is very manly and appealing. Men’s Jockstraps Underwear are meant to keep the manhood supported, it enhances the anatomy to a position from where it is visible under the pants.

PPU Slinger Sport Jockstrap BlueIf you are a man and if you would like to experience a whole new level of sexiness, then it’s highly recommended that you should get yourself a man sexy underwear.

So go on, dare to bare and get ahead of the game in sexy men’s underwear by treating yourself to the latest sexy styles available at

Feel The Heat With Daniel Alexander G-String

Daniel Alexander G-String White

Daniel Alexander being a new brand in the men’s underwear industry has coined its name among the modern men. The brand offers a sleek, sexy and very comfortable assortment of men’s g-string underwear that not only appeals to the eyes; it also catches the attention on the manhood.

The basic Daniel Alexander G-string (DA807) is subtle yet sensuous piece of clothing article that crafted with a luxurious fabric composition of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex that let you stretch a lot as well as keeps everything dry and comfortable down there.

Sexy underwear features a small V-shaped pouch that elongates according to the manhood size as well as makes the appearance of the legs more appealing. The thin elastic string waistband holds its grip on the body keeping it soft and steady below the waistline. The thread-like string is what that passes the butt crack to hide nothing. The fashion underwear is available in 11 colors from black and white to turquoise, navy, orange and many more.

Check out more at

Points to Remember before Buying G strings For Men

G strings are one of those erotic styles which are designed to be worn on special occasions. The construction and use of fabric makes it an exotic underwear style. Buying this erotic piece can be a little tricky at times.

Therefore, I have presented down some of the best tips for my audience that can help you in getting the right pair for yourself. Let’s give it a look-

Men's G-string UnderwearFabric matters- Men might or might have sensitive skin like females. So, if you know your skin well, then choose the perfect fabric for yourself. For some, fabric like leather would be the right choice but in case you have a sensitive skin then go for cotton, nylon, spandex, sheer, lace and polyester because these are quite effective and offer comfort in the right areas.

Explore various brands- At Skiviez, there are more than 50-60 brands that offer different styles, cuts, designs and patterns of men’s g string. You should not stick to anyone brand. Learn to explore and find new styles that match your taste and personality. Try a few different brands to find the ones that fit you best.

Wear the right size- Always keep in mind to buy the correct size if you want to get the actual feel of g strings. In both cases, where underwear is smaller for your size or bigger, it is a painful experience. In cases where the underwear is smaller, it will leave rashes and marks on your body that is very painful. On the other hand, the bigger size of the underwear will surely put off your partner’s mood.

Go Online- At Skiviez, there are multiple designer brands that offer the most exquisite assortment of men’s g string underwear that are not only functional but also act as a smart pair of designer underwear. Brands like Good Devil, Miami Jock, Candyman and many more offer something that appeals to the eyes as well as spices up the date nights whereas, Agacio, Intymen, Ergowear, etc are the ones that craft functional pairs.

So, whether the idea is to tease and tempt or enhance and lift, Skiviez is the one stop destination for all your needs and wants in terms of men’s g string underwear.