Top 5 Men’s Sexy Underwear Brand

Underwear is an essential part of the everyday life. It supports you, gives you the needed comfort and helps you in various other ways, therefore this multitasking underwear should be of a reliable brand so that the durability of the outfit is for a longer period of time. This blog talks about the top five sexy Men’s Underwear Brands available at the online stores of Skiviez. Scan on to find out the position of your brand.

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  • Good Devil

Good Devil is expressed as the sexiest label when it comes to intimate apparels. The melange of styles under them is unbelievably fascinating. The potpourri of products manufactured by them are provocative, sensual, skimpy and functional. The stockpile is constantly upgraded with regular updates.

  • Cover Male

Cover Male is yet another label that concentrates on the priority of manhood. The vibrant color combinations, exclusive enhancers, and luxurious materials are always a part of   their checklist. Cover Male ranges from basic briefs to bikinis, thongs, and g-strings. They have hit as the favorite brand for all the shoppers around.

  • Agacio

Agacio not only concentrates on luxurious fabrics but also on conventional cuts with modern techniques. The label has a best seller tag for men’s brief, boxer briefs, thongs, bikinis, jockstraps and boxer shorts. They are sophisticated, charming and appealing in terms of style and as well as comfort.

  • Miami Jock

Miami Jock is well known for the underwear innovations. They offer a popular range of playful costumes that ranges for different events. Some examples of costumes that they offer are the cowboy, firefighter and much more. They focus on the deepest desires of men through undergarments by crafting steamy pieces together.

  • Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander has definitely made its mark in the top brands. They focus on high cuts, contoured pouches and enhancing techniques with the conventional designs. Their continuous new inventions have made them popular in the list.

The above five are all time sexy brands that have won the place in everyone’s heart. Check out their products on


Tips for NOT Buying the Wrong Briefs

The majority of you out there would be from the population that is completely crazy for their men’s briefs. Well, the rest are those who love to sport boxer briefs and also revealing styles like thong underwear for men. Let us focus on the modern version of the tighty whiteys as of now because it undoubtedly is the most loved male underwear across the globe.

Otzi Nordic landscapes Brief Blue/Coral

What are the features that you look out for in order to buy the right pair for yourself?

Did you just say the size and design? Umm!! Actually, there are other characteristic features for the same. However, we’ll take things in a twisted way and talk about the tips that you need to avoid in order to buy the right pair.

  • Avoid tight fit

Briefs being the fashion underwear that is accepted worldwide for its masculine structure, many men find the wrong fit below the belt and do nothing about it. The tight fit of the style is what you’ll find that one mistake which men make and keep on making it again and again. However, there are some who will find the pouch too tight and the next time they’ll buy 2 sizes up and now they’ll be drooling throughout. Measuring your junk and the lower body carefully is what you must do to avoid tight (or even loose) fit.

  • Avoid fancy fabric

If you are someone who’s skin is sensitive and cannot afford to wear something that is out of the ordinary, do not go for it. Whenever you are doubt, opt for cotton or such fabrics that are comfortable down there. Man made fabrics will not be an ideal choice. For example, I recently got a bacterial infection because of some reason and went to the doctor for the same. He suggested the medicines and also told me to stay away from anything except cotton.

  • Avoid boring colors

This is an aspect that calls for being modern and going with the flow. You might have seen that briefs are called tighty whiteys because of the white color and there’s no problem in having the monochrome shades, but invest in pieces that are sexy, colorful and hot because that’s what makes your life colorful. Don’t you think so?

  • Avoid monotony

Buying the same brand with the same designs needs to stop now. You need to take a look at the collection of briefs at Skiviez and you’d find sheer underwear, lace briefs, and so many of them available for you feel absolutely sexy down there.

Once you take these steps into consideration, we’re sure your life will be more pleasant and happening on the overall.