5 Reasons Men should wear Pink

“Pink is for women and blue is for the gentlemen”, how many times have been through this quote. Starting as a way to differentiate the age groups, this trend gradually became a way to differentiate genders. We have been religiously following this trend, but have you ever thought of the origination of the same? As per a report published in The Art of Manliness, pink was once considered the color for boys as it was a variation of red. Blue, on the other hand, was considered a feminine hue. Even though, pink for girls and blue for boys appears to be a timeless law, it is actually a modern concept.

5 Reasons Men should wear Pink

Are you still opinionated about this color? Do you still seek reasons for wearing pink? Are you looking for reasons why men should wear pink? Listed below are some points that can help you find your reasons.

1. Break the stereotype

It won’t be wrong to state that considering pink a feminine color is nothing more than a stereotype. There is no story or even myth related to this. It just happened to become a trend over the time. Women wear blue without any problem, but it the gentleman who hesitate in ditching the conventions. There’s nothing wrong in men wearing pink. It is high time to break the stereotype and someone has got to do it. Why not you? Keep the misconceptions aside and raise your bar of style.

2. It’s pleasing and appreciating

Pink is considered feminine as it is tender, soothing and pleasant. Why should ladies have all the fun? Add the tender touch of the pleasing color to your masculinity and see your style shoot right up the roof. Have you ever tried a pink shirts? It gives a very fresh and appreciating look. This is probably the first reason why you should definitely try this shade.

Man in Pink Dressing

3. Women love men in pink

Women getting attracted to man with stubble and rolled up sleeves is a well known fact. Do you know that the ladies adorn men in pink as well? You may connect the shade of the attire with your masculinity, but it is actually related to your personality. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Daily Mail, one out of four men felt more himself attractive in pink shirt. You can do the litmus test with your undergarment. Wear a pink colored men’s underwear and witness the raise in the temperature at the date night.

4. Pink goes well with most of the colors

Matching colors and striking the perfect combination is one big task. Here’s a solution to your problem. Pink is one shade that goes well with most of the color. Pair it with black, white or blue, it will adorn your look. However, you need to be careful while matching the shade. Do not with the dark pink or fuschia. Moreover, pink shirt with black pants is ideal, but the black shirt paired with a pink trouser becomes a disaster. So, be careful in the combination.

Man in Pink

5. Makes you stand out

When most men prefer wearing the classic black, white and grey, a man standing in pink will stand out in public. Have you ever noticed your partner going head over heels seeing you in thongs for men. Consider the erotic underwear paired with the eye-catchy shade. It will take the sex appeal to the next level. Do not go all pink. Just pair the color with the darker hues and you’ll get the much-needed edgy look.

Forget the stereotype and try something new. “Real men wear pink” should be the style statement. What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments below.


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