The best Men’s Street Style Trends

Style is for sure the reflection of your attitude and personality. And lets face the truth, within every man there is a boy who is all set to come out of the boredom and monotonous lifestyle. After all, who doesn’t want to ditch all the restriction and explore every possibility of personal style and fashion. The street style for men triggers that wild side of every man that is longing to flaunt it’s swag. Are you up for some fun-filled fashion quotient? The blog has tried to compile some trends in men’s street style that is all set to hit the wardrobe of the male population in the years to come. Have a look.

70s style is back


This is one of the boldest move that men’s fashion will witness in the coming years as compared to recent past. The appealing elements of 70s is very much back in fashion and very soon will take over the current trend. The long overcoats with jazzy prints, bright shades like amber orange or rich color palette has emerged from the street style.

White is ‘in’

White is ‘in’

Did you see Kenya West walking at the red carpet in all white attire? Well, this is because this style is back in trend after almost a decade. While the formal wear for men still sticks with the conventional combination of dark and light shades, the street style is going places with the daring all white attire.



After the scarfs, the bandanas is all set to occupy the casual collection of every style-conscious man. The bandanas are in general wore on the head by the athletic personalities. However, in the recent past, this is being used in place of scarf. Tied like a handkerchief in the neck of the wearer, these neck pieces look perfect for all occasions and events.

Layered up style

Layered up style

After Fall fashion, even Summers is all set to welcome layers. The t-shirt paired with shirts was a very accepted fashion statement during the 90s. This trend is back in fashion. However, this time this fashion quotient is lot more subtle and sophisticated. No baggy shirts and top layer is allowed. Even in the case of dress shirts, the print should be simple and soothing. Along with this, the Summer attire paired with thin and lightweight hoodie or sweatshirt is another stylish street style.

Bold prints

Bold prints

The monochrome prints paired with bright and bold colors are back in fashion yet again. This is strictly a street style and should not be confused with the formal look. At the same time, the eye-catchy print doesn’t mean that you can go with the tee with funny quotes. The jazzy prints will surely bring back your childhood memories.

Exotic undies

Exotic Undies

Along with the outer garments, the current street style trend adds a flair of sex appeal to the underneath fashion as well. The current fashion quotient calls for the modern cuts of men’s underwear. The exotic undies like men’s bikini underwear is an opportunity to play off youthful imagery.

Are you in sync with the current fashion trends? If not, then, now is the time.


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