All about Men’s Thongs

UZ4605-Yellow-Front_Navy-600x600Thongs for men are available in various forms and fashions these days. The various benefits associated with wearing thongs make it popular amongst the modern male generation.


Thongs are designed with a small strip of cloth that runs up the back and a pouch in the front for keeping the male genitalia in shape and supported. Male thongs are designed to hold the male package close to the body, preventing swaying and swinging. Thongs designed with a pouch enhancement technology are meant to make the entire area appear larger and more robust than it may be in real.


Designed to fit snugly to the body, male thongs are somewhat exotic in nature. There are designer brands like Good Devil, Male Power, PPU, Agacio and many others which offer thongs in bright designs and colors. The designing of thongs tend to sit slightly higher on the hips than other traditional underwear styles like boxer or boxer brief.


Men find thongs find extremely comfortable as they are designed to protect the male genitalia. They are also a perfect underwear style that can be worn on a daily basis. The design of thongs accentuates the roundness of buttocks, which gives the rear a perky and muscular look that many men would find appealing.

Wearing a Thong-

Thongs are one of the most comfortable styles. The only thing you need to learn is how to wear one properly.

As discussed above, you need to buy a thong that fits the right size for your body. Using the right size will only make the experience even more comfortable.

Examine the fabric and look for stretchy ones in order to feel comfortable and soft from inside.

Place the thong in front of you with the back against your stomach. Put one leg through, then the other. Pull the thong up into place.

Adjust the back of the underwear until the thin string runs between your butt cheeks. Tug on the front until you find a comfortable fit.


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