5 Jockstraps Fail That Could Cause Injury To The Penis

Men’s Jockstrap underwear is meant to be worn especially when some sort of fast activity is in progress. The functioning is clean and simple, i.e. to protect the genitals from injury or pain and offer support. The protection cup made of plastic or steel in either cases, keeps the soft/delicate tissues snug against the body. In order to ensure the right amount of protection, one needs to choose the proper type of jockstrap. According to reports on men’s health issues, it has been observed that, “men generally make these 5 mistakes again and again, leaving the equipment vulnerable to all kind of injuries.”

Have a look and if you are doing so, please stop-

Choosing a Jockstrap with a light/fragile waistband- Jockstraps with thin waistband are known to shift and sway while performing any kind of body movement. This in turn causes discomfort and reduces the protection they can provide. Unlike this, Jockstraps with a thicker waistband tend to stay in place and offer the right level of protection which men require while playing or running. They might not be visually appealing but they outperform the other styles when it comes to offer protection and safety.

Not going for the right fit- While trying the right size for yourself, you need to make sure that it is the right place where you are testing in. There should be a little movement involved. Slipping a Jockstrap over compression shorts and sliding in that athletic cup can offer a good sense of fit and walking around a bit can make the decision a little easier to make.

Skipping the protection cup- A standard jockstrap provides adequate support but sliding a cup into the front of sling adds an extra layer of protection that can defect flying objects. This plastic cup aids protection while playing sports like baseball, hockey, football and soccer.

Looking for Loose Leg Straps- Thin elastic bands generally cause discomfort upon wearing. Most men are accustomed to deal with elastic back there and they might mitigate their discomfort by choosing a Jockstrap with loose and floppy bands. Unfortunately, when the bands are too loose, they tend to twist and roll and can pull a strap out of place leaving the package open to serious injury.

Not wearing a Jockstrap- Refusing to wear the athletic supporter is one of the most common mistakes men do while getting involved in rigorous activities. Besides acting as a fashionable sporty underwear style, men’s jockstrap underwear offers protection to your manhood by safeguarding your assets. Before buying, you need to choose the size, fabric quality and other important things which can help you. The lightweight fabric and elasticity offers support so that you do not feel hampered in your moves. Other than this, you also need to make sure that jockstraps which you buy are from a branded store so that it offers safety to its fullest.

Explore the top collection of latest jockstrap design at Skiviez and let your manhood fall at the secure place by encouraging safe movements.


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