Top 5 Men’s Thong Underwear Brands At Skiviez

Men’s thong underwear is a minimal piece of clothing that covers the privates on the front and leaves nothing to the imagination in the rear. This men’s underwear has a covering on the front which is attached to a string that goes all the way through your buttocks and clings to the waistband. The coverage, width of the straps is designed according to the style of thong.

At Skiviez, there are more than 20 brands that offer unique styles of men’s thongs for various personalities, occasions as well as purposes. Designers like Good Devil, Cover Male, Miami Jock, Pikante, and so many more offers an assortment that provides the feeling of comfort and freedom underneath. With or without clothes, these thongs will make you look stunning and feel exceptionally great underneath your clothes.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 thong brands at Skiviez.

  • Good Devil: Good Devil is the sexiest brand at Skiviez and the fact is known to everyone. The brand’s offerings in terms of exotic underwear are the sexiest things that can happen to man. The pieces in the catalog are unique, naughty and highly erotic. Good Devil masters the art of manufacturing some great products and therefore, it is the first position. Some of best sellers are Cage Thongs, Matrix Thongs, Zoom Thongs and more.
  • Candyman: Candyman is one of the most innovative and sensuous brands available at Skiviez. Their assortment of men’s thongs is playful and very creative. Guys who seek more action in foreplay; Candyman thongs are just for you. What makes the brand in top 5 is the use of strings and straps in the most unusual way possible.
  • Cover Male: Cover Male is again a great brand with superb offerings. The brand is popular for the range of colors and pouch enhancing techniques it offers in the line of thong underwear for men. Cover Male has some of the sexiest colors like pink, purple, yellow, orange, red, beige and so many more that appeal to the taste buds. Cover Male Brazilian Thong Camo is one of the personal favorites.
  • Pikante: Pikante is a popular brand in the men’s fashion underwear industry known for the collection which is all about high visibility. The assortment of thongs by the brand have unexpected details designed to show a sexy glimpse of skin. The metallic finish, sexy cuts, racy strings are all a part of the thong family of Pikante at Skiviez.
  • Intymen: Although Intymen ranks 5th but it does not mean that the range of thongs is any less than the others. The feature that makes Intymen a part of the top 5 club is the line of sporty thongs the brand offers. The cradle-like pouches, mesh fabric for breathability and hidden c-ring for enhancement are some of the many features available by the brand. Intymen Fill It thongs are a must have enhancing underwear.

So, these were the top brands available at Skiviez that offer men’s thong underwear. Shop now to avail discounts on your favorite brand.


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