Something More About Men’s Thongs

The thing that interests me the most about men’s thong underwear is their gaining popularity among the fashion freaks. And the best part is that it is not limited to the fairer sex; it comes for men’s as well and in fact, as a very appealing men’s underwear style. From where the thongs originated it is noted that they were worn by men and not by women. Men of that culture have been historically thongs wearers since ancient days. One form of men underwear was the simple loincloth.

However, in modern times, the loincloth has taken a great twist in its innovation to form the latest thongs in all shapes, sizes and colors that are as interesting as the wearer.

Evolution of men’s thongs

Most of us thought that designer underwear are a novelty for women but then, men wear them more than their counterparts do. Today, it is not surprising that men want a greater acknowledgement of their basic clothing through the trendier styles and designs available to them.
They are available in such huge variety with so many brands that vary in terms of coverage, fabrics, skimpiness, color and designs. Some might look like mini bikinis while others are as daring as better off nothing with just strings that can be worn in multiple ways. One of the so many advantages of men’s sexy underwear is that it can be worn as erotic underwear or as a sensuous swimwear.

Construction of men’s Thongs

The fabric used for men’s thong is usually very thin so that it covers the bare minimum on the front whereas, just a strip passes through the butts to provide a coverage-free seat perfect for tanning.


When we talk about men’s thongs style, comfort and freedom are the primary factors that make it advantageous for men to wear it during summers. There are many other aspects like tanning, dual purpose, no nasty underwear lines and more but comfort, style quotient is something that is the priority of thongs. However, this undergarment allows the wearer to feel free in his movements which increase his inner confidence; it is a must in the modern man’s wardrobe.


There are a plethora of brands available at Skiviez that cater thongs for every taste, purpose, occasion and motive. For example, Good Devil, Miami Jock, Candyman and others like them are masters at crafting exotic intimate apparel whereas, Cover Male, Agacio, Intymen, Ergowear and more manufacture thongs that are comfortable as well as very supportive and functional.

Shop for the modern assortment of men’s thong underwear at Skiviez and fall for the revealing style of men’s underwear.


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